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Powerlifter Rubber Flooring (GR-powerlifter flooring)
Bobbled side shown.
Bobbled side shown.

Powerlifter Rubber Flooring

Full Commercial Rubber Flooring from GymRatZ

Powerlifter Rubber Flooring our made from virgin rubber and have a fairly similar design to that of our regular Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring. The Powerlifter mats are 5mm thicker, 17mm, and 6" by 4". As the Powerlifter Rubber Flooring is made from virgin rubber they're ideal for surfacing large gym area's. Each mat weighs approximately 40 Kg. The weight of these mats mean they will not move under foot. NOTE - These are solid rubber and NOT for use as "exercise mats" !


Price excludes delivery/ installation charge. Please call for a price quoting the number of mats you require.

Ribbed side.
Ribbed side.
  • MONEY OFF COMMERCIAL MATTING when ordered with GymRatZ Gym Equipment.
  • Full Commercial.
  • This item excludes delivery/ installation charge.

Reference: GR-Powerlifter Flooring

UPC code: GR-Powerlifter Flooring

Manufactured by: GymRatZ

This item excludes delivery & installation charges. Delivery and Installation charge is subject to location and items ordered. GymRatZ will contact you before taking payment to confirm the chargeable ammount.
Ref GR-Powerlifter Flooring
Description Powerlifter Rubber Flooring (GR-powerlifter flooring)

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