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GR-3 (GR-3)
Shown with silver frame and blue/black upholstery.
Shown with silver frame and blue/black upholstery.

GymRatZ Gym Equipment - GR3 - 3 (Dual Use) Station Multigym

Full Commercial Dual Use 3 Station Multigym from GymRatZ

GymRatZ Gym Equipment is designed for professional use in health clubs, fitness centres, and the very toughest of gyms. The equipments ability to withstand constant daily use is second to none - we wouldn't put our name to anything else!

The GR-3 Full Commercial Multigym is built from heavy gauge steel and features extra thick padding (2") and durable leather upholstery.

The GR3 Multigym's a compilation of the 3 most popular selectorised dual use machines we produce - Lat Pulldown/Mid Row, Multipress, Leg Ext/Curl. We've also added a separate chinning bar for good measure. This makes the GR3 Multigym one of the most versatile full commercial peices of gym equipment available, barring the recent introduction of our GR4 Multi-Station. The benefit of purchasing the GR3, rather than separate stations, is that it allows you to make the most of your space and SAVE £1200 over buying them individually.

The GR3 Multigym stations in detail:

Comfortable motion and easy to use dual use Lat Pulldown / Mid Row. The leg brace and high cable are positioned so that pulldowns behind the neck can be performed correctly (without straining your neck) by allowing enough space for you to sit forward on the bench without kissing the framework.

Selectorised Quick Pin Adustable Leg Extension/ Curl. In the upright to flat positions the bench is superb for performing leg extensions. Then, using the quick adjust pins, place the bench in a decline position and adjust the leg roller and you're able to comfortably perform leg curls.

Versatile and extremely comfortable Multipress. The moveable well upholstered bench allows users to comfortably perform flat/ incline and shoulder pressing movements.


All GymRatZ Gym Equipment comes as standard with black upholstery and yellow, white or silver frame. Other colours are available on request for an additional charge - please call for details and costings. All GymRatZ Gym Equipment is made to order and subsequently each order regarded as a special order. This means that lead times will vary and we request genuine orders and enquiries only. GymRatZ Gym Equipment does not come flat packed with assembley instructions. Subsequently, we cannot provide a price for delivery and installation until we are in receipt of your full address and required items.


Lifetime on Framework, 2 years on all bearings and other moving parts, 1 year on cables.

Service Contracts Available - Please call for details.

  • 25% OFF COMMERCIAL MATTING when ordered with this product.
  • Full Commercial.
  • This item excludes delivery/ installation charge.

Reference: GR-3

UPC code: GR-3

Manufactured by: GymRatZ

This item excludes delivery & installation charges. Delivery and Installation charge is subject to location and items ordered. GymRatZ will contact you before taking payment to confirm the chargeable ammount.
Ref GR-3
Description GR-3 (GR-3)
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