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GR-Heavy Duty Olympic Trap Bar (GR-HD Oly Trap Bar)
Trap Bar, Shrug Bar, whatever you call it, we have it.
Trap Bar, Shrug Bar, whatever you call it, we have it.

GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment - Heavy Duty Olympic Trap Bar .

Full Commercial Heavy Duty Olympic Trap Bar from GymRatZ.

GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment is designed for professional use in health clubs, fitness centres, and the very toughest of gyms. The equipments ability to withstand constant daily use is second to none - we wouldn't put our name to anything else!

Longer, heavier, thicker with solid ends make this Trap bar the strongest and heaviest duty bar on the market.
We at Gym Ratz are proud to be the first and only company in the UK to be selling this fantastic piece of engineering.
Get on to your local gym owner to pull his finger out, and GET ONE ORDERED TODAY.

The Gerrard Trap Bar as it was known was originally invented and patented in a rhomboid (Diamond) shape.

With a few modifications to the shape (primarily adding a couple of extra sides) it doesn't breach the copyright of the original design. This means we are now able to bring this marvelous piece of equipment to you the way it was intended.

The extra two sides make the modified Trap Bar more "roomy" giving the user plenty of space to perform deadlifts and shrugs with great ease.
Made in the UK by a top class fabrication shop, it is manufactured to the highest specification to ensure your pleasure and satisfaction.

Heavy duty Black powder coated finish ensures your Trap Bar remains in perfect condition, and has a long and active life.

Like many things, here at Gym RatZ we strive only to bring you the highest quality goods at the best prices. We don't sell gimmicks, just top quality effective products at the best prices

***Pete's Extra Review***
I have just tried this device in the shop with a customer who was looking for some way of training legs at home without a spotter, and to say he was impressed is an understatement.
If you allow the weighted bar to travel up and down your body in a natural line, with your feet together, the trap bar hits your quads beautifully. Move the bar so you are lifting it with the weight held further forward, (in front of your shins) and you have a killer lower back exercise, equivalent to deadlifts. In fact, after loading the bar up and doing a couple of sets each, my customer walked out with an Olympic Trap Bar in tow. I guess that says something about it.

NOTE: The Heavy Duty Olympic Trap Bar is usually in stock, so order today and receive yours within the next couple of working days. Please call for carrier price.


All GymRatZ Gym Equipment is made to order and subsequently each order regarded as a special order. This means that lead times will vary and we request genuine orders and enquiries only. GymRatZ Gym Equipment does not come flat packed with assembley instructions. Subsequently, we cannot provide a price for delivery and installation until we are in receipt of your full address and required items.


Lifetime on Framework, 2 years on all bearings and other moving parts, 1 year on cables.

Service Contracts Available - Please call for details.

  • 5% OFF COMMERCIAL MATTING when ordered with this product.
  • Full Commercial.
  • This item excludes delivery/ installation charge.

Reference: GR-HD Oly Trap Bar

UPC code: GR-HD Oly Trap Bar

Manufactured by: GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment

This item excludes delivery & installation charges. Delivery and Installation charge is subject to location and items ordered. GymRatZ will contact you before taking payment to confirm the chargeable ammount.
Ref GR-HD Oly Trap Bar
Description GR-Heavy Duty Olympic Trap Bar (GR-HD Oly Trap Bar)

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